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thermador-repair-veniceWhen your appliances fail it can make for a very long day. When you call Thermador Appliance Repair Venice we can help make that long day a bit shorter. We have the best trained repairmen who are able to come to your aid quickly, solve the problem, and get you back to the day you planned before the appliances let you down.

Most appliance issues are caused by a single issue like a failed thermostat or a burned out fuse that needs to be replaced.  Rarely are there multiple issues that need attention, especially if the appliance is well- maintained. If you follow the directions provided in the manuals for regular cleaning and maintenance the mechanical parts of an appliance will usually last for years and years. But, if the appliance is not kept clean issues can crop up.

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Take for example something simple and accessible for the owner to care for like the gaskets on the doors of dishwashers, ovens and refrigerators and freezers. If these rubber parts are kept clear of debris and washed regularly they will retain their seal around the door better and remain pliable. Grime causes corrosion on rubber. You can use a simple cleaning solution of mild soap, water, and a soft towel or sponge to clean these parts.  After you wash them really well, dry the rubber completely and you are good to go. If, this part doesn’t seal properly your appliances will not work properly and probably waste your hard earned income with higher utility bills and wasted food:

  • Oven door: The heat will be weak inside the oven and escape through the door, thus causing the door to become dangerously hot.
  • Refrigerator: The temperature should be steady and climate controlled to help your food be stored at the right temperature.
  • Dishwasher: Water may escape and create an awful mess.

When you call us at Thermador Appliance  Repair Venice please be prepared to tell us the make and model of your appliance. This will enable us to look at your model specs and allow us to bring the right parts with us to your home. Also, we appreciate it if you can tell us what the issue is so we can research the appliance for repair information.

For  appointment with our technician for Thermador Appliance Repair please call: 800 – 520-7059

We will come to your aid as quickly as possible to repair your appliances. Your life should not be held up waiting for a repairman and we understand that. You have plans and you need to get to them. Perhaps, your plans involve cooking a large family dinner or you need to store food for a picnic. You need to know your appliances work properly, so call us as soon as you see a problem so we can help you enjoy your plans.

Our repair team is the best in the Venice and we look forward to visiting with you and helping you so that we can show you why we are the best. Call Thermador Appliance Repair Venice any time for you home appliance repair needs and get 25% DISCOUNT on any Thermador appliance repair service!