Thermador Ovens – A Mixed Bag

thermador-oven-repairThermador is one of the most popular brands of high end kitchen appliances. They make kitchen appliances for residential and business use. Thermador is one of the first kitchen appliance companies that started to manufacture stainless steel kitchen appliances in the late 1940’s.

William E. Cranston founded Thermador in 1916. Thermador did not start off manufacturing kitchen appliances, they started off manufacturing electric portable and built in heaters. In 1932 Thermador began to manufacture appliances. Cranston also merged his business with H.H. Fogwell and together they formed Thermador Electrical Manufacturing Company.

In 1947 Thermador started manufacturing the first wall oven and cook top. They also introduced stainless steel to kitchen appliances in 1947. !963 was the year Thermador started manufacturing self-cleaning ovens. The company started manufacturing warming drawers in 1952 – this is an appliance that keeps rolls and other foods warm while the oven is in use.

The Thermador Oven Range

Thermador ovens have speed cooking abilities. The oven combines thermal heat with microwave energy to help cook food faster and more efficiently. This technology was put into Thermador ovens in 1976. This technology helps cook the food by cooking it 36 percent faster than any regular oven would cook it.

Thermador offers all different types of ovens for residential and commercial use. The latest introduction that Thermador had was in 2010 when they introduced the steam oven. Customers like Thermador appliances because they look nice in the kitchen, and are high end quality appliances. People like that they look very professional in their kitchen and the price is not very high considering the quality.

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Thermador Oven Repair

Thermador appliance repair can be very frustrating when you do not know what to do when things go wrong. Thermador appliance repair can be done by anyone that is certified to work on Thermador appliances. If you have a warranty you may be able to get a new appliance or get your appliance worked on for free. If Thermador thinks they can fix the problem that you are having with your appliance, they will send a repair person to your house to see if they can fix the problem.

Thermador oven repair is one of the most common repairs that are done to Thermador appliances. A Thermador oven repair can sometimes be a very simple fix like for instance, moving the oven to more level ground.

Thermador Oven Igniter Issues

Most of the customers of Thermador have said that they have had problems with their oven’s igniter. They have said that when they called the company to talk to them about this problem they “blew them off” and told them that they would have to fix it themselves. The customers with this problem said that they bought the part for the oven and hired a repair man to fix it. However, after the repair man fixed their problem it happened again about 6 months later.

Thermador Oven Electrical Issues

An electrical problem is another issue that Thermador appliances have. Customers said that they have had to replace electric panels and the appliance is still not working properly. The same customers that complained that they needed to replace the electric panels have said that the repairs that they have made on their ovens cost more than buying a new one. They have also said they wish that they would have just bought a new oven rather than continuing to fix the broken one.

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Thermador Wall Oven Fan Issues

A few customers have said that they do not use their wall ovens because the fan in the oven is so loud that it disturbs what they are doing. They have also had a problem were the display light has gone out and the appliance was no longer under warranty. Customers have said that Thermador’s customer service was less than helpful when calling. Customers have said that they have not received help unless they threatened to talk to management. The unsatisfied customers also said that customer service is a slow process because the wait to talk to someone is always longer than 10 minutes.

Thermador Oven Repair Solutions

Some common solutions to the appliance problems that the customers complain of would be buying new parts and having someone that is qualified come in and fix the problem. Most repair men can fix a minor problem with a Thermador appliance. If you do not wish to fix the problem or if the fix to the problem costs more than a new appliance, you should probably just get a new appliance. Of course, this is rarely the case with Thermador products.

If you have a Thermador product you need to make sure that you get it registered either online or by mail. Registering your appliance will help make sure that you get any important information regarding your appliance. This will also ensure that you get any appliance recall information. If you do not have your appliance registered something bad could potentially happen that could be prevented if you would have gotten the notice.

The customers that were having the problems with the igniter said that they would not recommend the Thermador ovens to anyone because of all the problems that they have experienced within a few months of having the appliance. They have also said that they have other products from Thermador that they have not had any problems with and they do not think that everything from Thermador is bad.

Some other advice that Thermador customers have is to make sure that you check the ratings on the product that you want to get before you waste your money on it. Check out the Thermador forums and ask around for advice. It is better to learn from other people’s mistakes than wasting almost a thousand dollars repairing a new appliance. However, when looking at reviews of the appliance you are interested in you need to understand that some people are never happy with anything. People sometimes have nothing nice to say about anything and that shouldn’t affect your decision. All in all you need to remember that you want something that will look nice in your kitchen and work efficiently.


For  appointment with our technician for Thermador Oven Repair please call: 800 – 520-7059