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thermador-repair-marina-del-reyYour oven doesn’t get hot enough to cook the roast and the refrigerator isn’t cold enough to store vegies long enough to make buying them worth the bother. And then you dishwasher doesn’t even work anyway, so why bother cooking when the cleanup is such hard work. You may think it’s easier to simply pull out a take-out menu from a kitchen drawer than it would to repair these problems.

Any Thermador Appliance Repair Marina del Rey repairmen could tell you that you can save more money and time by getting these issues taken care of then it would to call and order food to be delivered to your door and then shell out your hard-earned income to pay for the convenient food delivery (plus tip). Although many repair jobs require the professional skills of a trained repairman, there are some easy things you can so that take less time than you may imagine.

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For example, if you oven is not getting hot enough, if could be something as simple as the oven pilot light not lighting the gas. Replace the pilot igniter and your problem is solved. Okay, well that may take more time than a phone call to your favorite Chinese place, but it will save you money. Or if heat seems to be escaping through the door, the gasket that surrounds the door may be loosed or damaged. In some cases you can remove and repair this yourself. But, if you are wary of this, then by all means, call us as Thermador Repair Marina del Rey to assist you.

Another good example of a simple repair is the ice maker in your freezer. If your icemaker is properly connected it should produce ice on a regular basis. You notice that on occasion you are not getting the amount of ice you expect. This can be taken care of really quickly. Examine the bent arm of steel located in from of the icemaker. Is it up or down? If its down, lift the arm and see what happens. If ice comes out after a while, that was the issue and you have solved it on your own. If not, then you should call us to come figure it out for you and get it repaired in short order.

Of course there are larger issues that occur with appliances. That is why we are here to help. We are trained to dismantle and repair the parts of appliances that are difficult to access and may require some skills that the average homeowner may not have. When we do come to your rescue and get your appliance working again, we will show you some simple maintenance tricks you can do to keep your oven, refrigerator and dishwasher working for a long time without further issues.

For  appointment with our technician for Thermador Appliance  Repair please call: 800 – 520-7059

When you call Thermador Appliance Repair Marina del Rey we will ask you for information regarding the issue you are dealing with and we will ask you for the make and model of your appliance so we can come prepared with the correct tools and parts to get your machine back in good working order.

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