Thermador Microwaves: Summary and Repair Information

Thermador-microwave-repairThe Thermador company has long been associated with high-quality kitchen appliances that are on the cutting edge of cooking innovation and grounded in practical research. For stainless steel kitchen appliances that bring a professional degree of quality into a home setting, the brand rates among the best in the world. In addition to refrigerators, stoves, and regular ovens,

Thermador sells three different microwave ovens with varied designs and features to suit customer tastes. Because the brand’s reputation for durability and performance is so critical to its appeal, Thermador appliance repair remains a cornerstone of their service. Warranties, customer education, and authorized Thermador microwave repair dealers are all facets of product maintenance that keep the company in high esteem.

Brief Thermador History

Originally founded during World War I by William Cranston as a company that sold heaters, Thermador grew and merged with other companies, including the German corporation Bosch and Siemens. Eventually focusing on trailblazing kitchen appliances, it introduced self-cleaning ovens, smooth cooktops, speed ovens, and the iconic star-shaped burner. The corporation is noted for having its products used by famous chef Julia Child in the real world and Brady Bunch housekeeper Alice on television.

Three Microwave Models

Thermador currently offers three different microwaves, each of which is stainless steel and “built in” to a kitchen. The lack of countertop models reflects the commitment to quality and investment rather than disposability. Model MBES is the traditional microwave, whereas Model MCES is the convection oven. Recently, the company introduced a special “MicroDrawer” version, which is model MD24JS.

MBES Traditional Microwave

This most basic microwave uses a special inverter design to cook food as consistently and evenly as possible. It is a 1200 watt oven that features all the expected options, such as ten different levels of cooking power, defrost settings, and convenient buttons for popcorn and adding time. However, the real charm of the model is in the more unique features, like sensors that actually record the humidity level and make necessary adjustments to cooking time. The MBES also has a “keep warm” mode and a special beverage reheat option. Like all Thermador appliances, this microwave possesses the usual simple but evolved design the brand is known for, including glass and stainless steel intended to complement a regular oven.

MCES Convection Microwave

As a hybrid of a regular microwave and a convection oven, this choice offers the best of both worlds: fast cooking paired with the browning and crisping that usually only a regular oven can provide. Like the MBES model, it features all of the settings and controls a user might expect, though the microwave power is reduced slightly to 1000 watts because of the convection component. Perhaps the biggest distinguishing draw of this unit is the automatic convection baking feature, which allows for a slow baking outcome in an otherwise quick appliance.

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MD24JS Microdrawer Oven

The final Thermador microwave differs from the other two in that it looks like a miniature conventional oven, using a drawer instead of a door with a side hinge. In fact, the drawer is opened by simply pushing a button instead of using a handle, adding to the elegant design. Items can be placed in the open drawer from above, making it easy to reach safely for dishes once they are cooked. The model features 950 watts of cooking power and specially crafted cooking modes such as “melt” and “soften” that are pre-programmed.

Thermador Microwave Repair

Although products of superior quality do not break as often as cheaper appliances, maintenance is still a critical component for any kitchen item, and there may come a time when Thermador microwave repair is necessary. The company’s general take on maintenance for microwaves is similar to Thermador appliance repair overall. The three components of service are a warranty, customer education, and specialized dealers who are trained the repair these high-end appliances.

Starting with microwaves that were purchased in January of 2012, all Thermador microwaves come with a basic two-year warranty. This is the ultimate firewall for products early in their life, protecting owners against an unlikely failure or defect. Before using a warranty would be necessary, though, owners can take advantage of a robust set of support resources on the Thermador website. Beyond merely accessing manuals online, users can read special articles on cleaning and day-to-day maintenance, tips for operation, and a guide to troubleshooting. Of course, users who cannot solve a problem may take solace in knowing that there are specially trained and authorized dealers who can make repairs.

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Commons Issues and Solutions

So what are some of the more common problems that owners of a Thermador microwave might encounter? If the glass tray wobbles while rotating, it may be improperly aligned in its ring track and need repositioning or cleaning. Along the same lines, if the tray is making noise, either the bottom of the oven surface or the rollers themselves need to be cleaned with soapy water. Food that does not seem to be cooked evenly might not be a problem with the microwave itself, as a warped pan may be the source of the problem, so users are advised to check the integrity of their cookware.

Because Thermador offers so many settings on its microwaves, one additional issue is that a previously programmed instruction may not be cleared or a programmed setting may have been inadvertently cancelled. Before reporting a problem with the controls, owners should try reprogramming as well as checking to ensure the child safety lock mode is not engaged. The instruction manual provides detailed instructions on how to operate every single mode, so before assuming there is a problem with the microwave, it is worth turning the microwave off and on again and following cooking instructions step by step from the guide. Finally, the microwave will not work if the door is not shut properly, so owners should always make sure that nothing is blocking the seal between the door and the unit.

Of course, at some point, there may be a problem that ordinary troubleshooting cannot fix. Perhaps a component will fail or there will be physical damage that requires a professional hand. In extremely rare circumstances, there may even be a defect in the unit. For these cases, after exhausting basic troubleshooting tips, owners can pursue Thermador microwave repair with a trusted and licensed dealer.