Thermador Cleans Out the Competition

Thermador-dishwasher-repairThermador is part of BSH Home Appliances Corporation and the third largest appliance manufacturing company in the world. The Thermador brand specializes in cooking appliance equipment such as dishwashers, cook tops, refrigerators, and en ranges. In this field of high end kitchen appliances the Thermador brand competes with companies such as Sub Zero Wolf, Viking, Dacor, GE Monogram, KitchenAid and Miele.

William E. Cranston founded the highly successful Thermador brand in 1916. Even though the Thermador brand is very successful in kitchen appliance manufacturing the company began as a manufacturer of electrical items. Portable and built in heaters were their expertise of choice.

1932 is when William E. Cranston and the Thermador brand established its appliance manufacturing. It was the year 1947 when Thermador introduced stainless steel to home appliances with a wall oven and cook top. One of the best achievements of products was in 2009 when Thermador unleashed the award winning Sapphire Dishwasher that offers the largest wine glass capacity on the market.

Thermador Dishwashing Range

The Thermador brand has multiple types of dishwasher ranging in different sizes. These Thermador dishwashers range in price from $1200 to $2500. Thermador manufactures white panel and stainless steel dishwashers. All Thermador dishwashers are built-in models and none are standalone. They match the design and style of other Thermador appliances for your kitchen like refrigerator, oven range and microwave. Having a built-in system can be a hassle if you need a Thermador appliance repair but due to the build quality, more often than not you will not need Thermador dishwasher repair at all.

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The Thermador panel ready dishwasher has a unique look. The outside has white panels which people love to blend with their kitchen. The white panels have a similar look of white cabinets which allows the dishwasher to blend into your kitchen layout.

The other option for the Thermador dishwasher is the stainless steel option. This option is very common amongst consumers. Stainless steel always been associated with top of the line kitchen appliances. Stainless steel exterior is easier to clean than other appliances. It also provides a stylish look which blends with other appliances. Most top of the line appliances are stainless steel, including other Thermador appliances, so this finish always matches in your kitchen.

The Thermador brand released three different series of dishwashers – all named after diamonds. The names are Topaz Series, Emerald Series and last but not least the Sapphire Series. The Emerald series has the least amount of options whereas thou the Sapphire has the full load. These series can be in either stainless steel finish or panel ready. They all are twenty four inch size in size.

Thermador Emerald Dishwasher

The Thermador Emerald dishwasher series has four programs and two options. This dishwasher performs great with a patented Sens-A-Wash system which ensures excellent service. This dishwasher accommodates up to 14 people’s plates, and has an extra dry option which ensures perfectly dry dishes. It’s also very energy efficient, using only 295kWh/Yr. The three stages advanced filter system recirculates water for sparkling dishes. A great feature which distinguishes this item from other brands is the trademarked Extra Tall Item sprinkler which allows large items up to twenty two inches high to be cleaned properly.

Thermador Topaz Dishwasher

The Thermador Topaz series brings the same Thermador quality with added features. The Topaz series comes with 6 programs and 4 options. The Thermador trademarked Crystal Protection System ensures perfect result for fine crystals. The power boost option increases pressure in the lower racks for the best heavy duty cleaning. This series also has the Sens A Wash option features in the Emerald series.

This dishwasher accommodates 15 plate settings – an upgrade from the Emerald series. This dishwasher is very quiet as well with -44 dB output for a peaceful kitchen setting. This series also has the Extra Tall Item sprinkler, allowing the leaning of large items to be cleaned. The blue power beam operating indicator lets you know when the machine is running. The Thermador Company also added the dosage assist optimizer which breaks down detergent tablets.

Thermador Sapphire Dishwasher

Last but certainly not least is the last release of the Thermador dishwashing series, The Sapphire Series. The Sapphire series comes with six programs and five options. This dishwasher has the features associated with the other Thermador series like crystal protection, power boost options, Sens A Wash, Extra Tall Item Sprinkler, and it accommodates 15 plate settings.

The Sapphire series also integrated a lot of extras to make it stand above the competition. Thermador added a trademark Start Speed option which fully washes the cycle in twenty minutes. Sapphire also has the largest wine glass capacity holding up to eighteen large wine glasses. They newly engineered a smooth glide rack system which effortlessly glides without sticking, making unloading and loading an easy experience. The ‘time remaining’ power beam actual shines the remaining time on the cycle on the floor and the sapphire glow internal light illuminates glassware.

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Thermador Dishwasher Repair

When spending a lot of money on kitchen appliances you always want to protect them and yourself. You would not like to use Thermador appliance repair or Thermador dishwashing repair. Thermador offers top of the line warranty options for these dishwashers. Thermador offers a full warranty for two years on the entire appliance, parts and labor. There is a limited warranty for printed circuit boards and microprocessors for the third to the fifth year. There is a limited warranty for racks as well for the second to fifth year. A lifetime warranty is also included for rust through on inner tub liners. Most consumes complain about the time it takes to repair an item rather than them breaking constantly. The Thermador brand lives up to its brand repetition, so Thermador dishwasher repair is rarely needed.


When choosing a top of the line dish kitchen appliance only certain brands are spoken of, and Thermador is one of them. This company makes elegant products with great technology. Thermador dishwashers improve and add great features with every series released. Among the top dishwashers in the world Thermador stands tall.